Susan Sloan

Susan has been working in health insurance for many years. She has worked for insurers and providers and determined early on that people did not understand their health insurance and needed help. Her goal is to educate people about the choices they have in health insurance and then to be there for them not only at the time of sale but anytime they have a question or need help with their enrollment , claims, or bills. "An insurance agent should not just be in it for the sale. Questions always arise and I am here to help them!"

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Tom Sloan

Tom works with supplemental insurances that help round out your medical protection. Whether it be accidental injury; hospital indemnity; disability; critical care; cancer; or any other range of supplemental products, Tom is there helping you to save money and have insurers pay you directly should you ever have an illness or injury. He works for you!

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Real Health Quotes looks at all people as individuals.  Whether we are working on a small employer group plan; an individual or family plan; or a Medicare plan – each person is an individual with their own needs based on their health and their budget.  We customize plans that will meet your needs looking at both large and smaller insurers to get you the coverage that you need for your particular.  We know the market and we can let you know the overall track record of insurers plan design and rate changes to try to keep your health insurance stable and predictable.  Whether it is for a group or an individual we look at strategies that will give you the best overall coverage at the lowest price.  This often means taking a higher deductible plan but putting in, at much lower premium cost, an accident, critical illness, disability, life, long term care, or hospital indemnity plan that will pay you directly to pay those provider bills.  Then, we are here for you at the time of sale and anytime you need us to help with enrollment issues, claims issues, billing issues or anything else that may arise.  Our motto is that, “we are always here for you” and we mean it!

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