It’s nearly impossible to read all of the health insurance information available to you. We know; we’ve already read most of it! The Real Health Quotes video library is designed to get you quick answers to some of your initial questions.

Click on the categories below to access short videos that cover a wide range of health insurance and health related topics. If you still have questions, please contact us! We’re always here to speak with you directly, and maybe you’ll inspire our next video!


Medicare Health Insurance

Learn about Medicare basics, vocabulary, and legislative updates. These videos also review best health practices for individuals over 65 and supplemental coverage options.

Health Insurance Basics

Learn the basics about vocabulary, coverage, options, and costs. Find out what all the acronyms mean and what they cover!

Small Employer Health Insurance

If you’re a small business owner in PA with fewer than 50 employees, health insurance is a valuable benefit to offer. Learn more about your options, both basic and supplemental, in these videos.

Individual/Family Health Insurance

Learn how to start looking for an individual or family plan. Learn about plan basics and vocabulary, as well as the benefits of working with an agent.

Supplemental Health Insurance

How will you pay out-of-pocket expenses when the unexpected happens? Learn more about how supplemental insurance can keep your head above water when a medical event occurs.

Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance, and how much coverage should you have? Learn more about how life insurance can protect your grieving family.

Long Term Care

Learn more about the costs associated with long term care and how to get coverage for yourself or your family members.

General Health Topics

Learn more about preventative care and common health concerns. We also explore age-related health expectations.

Health Condition Support Groups

Find out more information about support groups for specific health conditions, as well as advocacy and preventative care.