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If you are…
– soon to be eligible for Medicare
– looking to retire early
– thinking of starting your own business understanding the rules and options for health insurance can be head spinning.

But you can feel confident about selecting the best coverage for you and your unique situation!

By working with a supportive partner who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of health insurance from years of experience, you’ll feel more at ease and ready to begin the next step in life!

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What clients are saying...

“Dear Susan, I would like to thank you for all you help in obtaining my health insurance, helping with the arising problems and finding the proper resolutions. Your response time in returning my calls have always been outstanding. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a good professional individual for their health insurance needs. Without you, I would surely be lost along with a lot of other people who have no understanding of the health industry…”
– Greg Wallace
“My husband and I each had health insurance needs, he entering the world of Medicare, and me, a veteran Medicare person in dire need of new coverage. Susan has done an outstanding job for each of us and we are thrilled with her knowledge and expertise in this field. We have recommended Susan to several people and will continue to do so. My statement “Susan saved my butt.”
– Vicky S

“I appreciated and respected the manner in which Susan explained all the options and protocols required for each available plan…Her knowledge of all aspects of the decision were tremendous without any hint of derision for sometimes asking the most obvious question. I always felt the trust factor was there despite only knowing her for a short period of time. All of the above-mentioned items allowed me to make the best decision possible for my situation, and in the end, that is all one could and should ask. Thank you.”
– Jim Nichols

Real Health Quotes is at your service!

Health insurance and Medicare are a real roller coaster of complications and frustrations in the United States.

But when you work with an advisor who listens to you and gets to know your needs, you can get the best coverage that will meet those needs.

Real Health Quote is here to serve you, to guide you through the process of finding the best plan, and to be there even after the paperwork is signed.

We find you the best Medicare, Group Health, Supplemental, and Individual and Family plans in Pennsylvania. We’re always here for you, which means:

  • We design your custom plan
  • We facilitate your enrollment
  • We review bills and documents when they don’t seem correct
  • We review your plan to make sure it’s still the right fit
  • We answer all of your insurance questions
  • We look ahead to help you plan for Medicare