Coverage for the Sandwich Generation

If you’re over 50, there’s a good chance you’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out how to help your parents with their Medicare questions while wondering if your own coverage is still right for your changing household dynamics.

This is exactly the right time to ask questions and explore your options! Not only should you learn about the group, family, or individual plans available to you, but it’s never too early to start understanding Medicare options. Whether you want to make sure your aging parents have the right coverage, or you want to start preparing for your own Medicare plan, Susan will sit down with you to review the Medicare parts and costs.

Part A – Hospital Insurance

Part B – Medical Insurance

Part C – Medicare Advantage

Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

All the Medicare parts seem like a giant puzzle, but Susan will bring it all together for you. You don’t need to wade through all the information on your own. Trust the insurance expert to give you straightforward answers to all of your questions.

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